What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

The sparkle of a diamond is the fascinating thing that makes us want to own diamond jewelry. While diamonds' monetary value is mainly based on their size, their aesthetic value is heavily based on their shine. The big question is, what causes the sparkle in diamonds?

What Causes The Sparkle in Diamonds

That sparkle that you like comes from the stone's interaction with light—the biggest impact on how a diamond sparkle is the quality and type of cut. The cut will bring out different angles and measurements of the facets responsible for the sparkle. Light enters a well-cut diamond from the top and travels to the bottom at a speed less than half its normal speed; hence it gets reflected back and forth the facets and redirected to the viewer through the top. The stone sparkle is attributed to three optical effects:


Brilliance gives the diamond its brightness and makes it appear lit from within itself. There is internal and external brilliance. The light bounces off the facets for external brilliance, seen in step cuts. Inner glow occurs when the light bounces inside the diamond before it exits. It is seen in brilliantly faceted diamonds.


Fire is when the white light splits into spectral hues bent at different angles to display colors. Fire reflects like a prism; hence looks like a rainbow.


Scintillation causes the diamond to flash as it moves through light. It creates a dazzling effect as it changes with the light. Smaller facets are the ones that cause scintillation; hence diamonds above a certain carat are cut in non-round shapes that have areas with smaller facets for more scintillation.

Where To Find A Diamond That Will Sparkle

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