What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

An old mine cut diamond was an antique diamond typical in 1800-1900. The old mine cut is also referred to as a gemstone, beautiful in imperfection. They had different amounts that brought a substantial payment of light. The cut work was done using ancient tools and techniques; although it wasn't precise, it made a statement piece. The cutters were skilled and trusted to bring forth a well-polished gemstone. 

Characteristics Of An Old Mine Cut Diamond

  • They have a smaller table 
  • More significant facets make the diamond sparkle when light has reflected the viewer. The modern brilliant cut diamonds have 58 facets. 
  • The shape of an old mine cut diamond is in different forms, such as hearts, pear, and marquise. The original old mine cut diamond came in irregular shapes and facets since there was no precision when cutting. 
  • Old mine cut diamonds have different colors compared to modern diamonds. There will be a contrast in the white and dark areas when the diamond is exposed to light. 
  • The appearance of diamonds solely depends on the cut grade and ability to reflect light. The light source and different conditions determine a diamond's reaction to light. An old cut diamond is unique and beautiful when viewed with the naked eye since it was initially cut by hand. 

The Price And Value Of An Old Mine Cut Diamond

The value of any diamond is determined by the 4Cs: clarity, cut, carat, and color. You can only get an old mine-cut diamond from jewelers who deal with vintage jewelry. The old mine cut diamonds might be more expensive than modern diamonds. However, you might consider getting a replica. There are newly cut diamonds that imitate the old mine cut style and may not be a wrong choice.

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