What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

The alluring Asscher cut is the "step-cut" cousin of the emerald cut. Due to their multiple facets, high crown and depth may produce remarkable brightness and create the illusion of a 'hall of mirrors.' Only those rectangular-cut facets decide the cut, similar to the emerald cut, allowing you to get the desired look.

The History Of Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher brothers invented the Asscher cut in 1902. Although the Asscher cut diamond gained popularity rapidly in the early 1900s, its popularity peaked in the 1920s, when its geometric originality made it a focal point of Art Deco jewelry designs. This cut has more brightness and a "sweeter" look than the standard emerald cut. The popularity of the Asscher cut diamond extended well into the 1970s and 1980s, and it continues to be popular today.

Are Asscher Cut Diamonds Expensive?

Now is an excellent time to begin searching for an Asscher cut diamond. Asscher cut diamonds are much less costly than round brilliant or oval cut diamonds in today's market. An Asscher cut diamond will always be stunning and timeless.

Asscher Cut Compared To Other Similar Cuts

Emerald-Cut vs Asscher Cut

The main difference is how the four corners are cut. The Asscher Cut diamond has rounded edges that make it look like an octagon. The Emerald Cut diamond has very little corner cutting, which keeps the gem square.

Princess-Cut vs Asscher Cut

If you are searching for a diamond that is both stunning and cheap, asscher cut diamonds are an excellent choice. If you're searching for a stone with a high degree of brilliance and natural brightness, a princess-cut stone is the finest option. Each stone shall have a minimum of 58 facets and will be aesthetically pleasing. 

Asscher Cut vs Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is another option for buyers interested in square-shaped diamonds. As with the Asscher cut, the radiant form is octagonal but smaller. Unlike Asscher cut diamonds, most radiant diamonds have a mixed cut style and exhibit substantially more scintillation than Asscher cut diamonds. Radiant are characterized by their unique aspect structure, which results in a wide variety of light performance tastes. Certain radiant cuts look brighter, while others have a more 'crushed ice' effect.

Tips for Acquiring Asscher Cut Diamonds

  • Make cutting-edge quality your priority.
  • Avoid going too deep. It is not uncommon to meet Asscher's with a depth of around 80%.
  • Avoid wearing girdles that are too thick. This hides a significant amount of weight, especially when combined with an increased depth percentage.
  • Look for those that are symmetrical in design and balanced in size.
  • Concentrate on I color and above and VS2 clarity and above.
  • Consult a professional who is knowledgeable about fancy-form diamonds.

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