What Is A Solitaire Diamond?

Typically, solitaire can refer to several things. A single loose diamond, a ring mount that only holds one gem, or a single diamond set into a ring with only one stone. Simply put, a solitaire diamond is a ring with a single diamond stone.

The term solitaire comes from the word "solus," which means only or alone in Latin. Therefore, a solitaire diamond implies a ring with only one diamond in the gemstone market.

What Is The Difference Between Solitaire Diamonds And Regular Diamonds?

The main difference is that solitaire refers to a jewelry setting where a single diamond/gemstone is mounted on a ring or earring, while a diamond is a type of gemstone.

How To Choose A Solitaire Diamond 

If you're choosing a solitaire diamond, it's good to focus on both features and quality of the gem. You should assess the quality using the 4Cs approach: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.


Solitaire diamonds can be cut in different shapes, such as round, emerald, cushion, or oval. The cut is one of the critical determinants of the value of the solitaire because it influences how the gem reflects the light and its brilliance. Therefore, the better the cut, the brighter the stone and the higher the value. 


Solitaire diamonds exist in many hues. The higher the grade, the higher the value of the diamond. So, if you want a high-quality solitaire, select the colorless or nearly colorless stone.


A high-quality solitaire has fewer flaws. That is, it has few or no inclusions or blemishes making it perfect or low on imperfections. Such solitaire is high on clarity grade.

Carat Weight

Large solitaire diamonds are rare hence a higher carat weight will attract a high price. It's recommended first to consider the other 3Cs before carat weight when buying a solitaire diamond because the carat weight does not affect the beauty of the solitaire but significantly determines its price. 

How To Buy A Solitaire Diamond

Do Your Research 

Take your time, learn about solitaire diamonds, the 4Cs, available options, and set your budget. This will help you make the right decision.

Choose A Reputable Retailer

Always consider reliable retailers because you will almost be sure of buying genuine jewelry. You can check their website for reviews if you want to be sure.

Request For A Certificate

Never overlook the importance of a certificate when buying jewelry. The certificate will show you the features of the solitaire diamond you are about to purchase. The certificate issued by a genuine authority will have information about the 4Cs of the jewelry.

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