What Is A Baguette Diamond?

When shopping for your perfect center stone, you may have never heard about baguette diamonds before. However, baguette diamonds have a long history and are well known to bring a more radiant look to center stones. Upon exploring baguette diamonds, you will learn what to look for in baguette-cut diamonds and have more options for creating a perfect look.

Why The Name "Baguette" Diamonds?

You may have heard about the famous rectangular-shaped French bread named baguette. The baguette diamonds are not precisely named from the famous bread. However, baguette means stick in French.

The History Of Baguette Diamonds

The baguette diamonds' history is traced back between 1920 and 1930. This was when Art Deco and Art Nouveau created a baguette diamond cut. Since then, baguette diamonds have become more popular as jewelers have been using baguette cuts to make different kinds of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, and pendants. Baguette cuts are available globally at various jewelry stores with outstanding designs.

Characteristics Of Baguette Diamonds

Here are noticeable characteristics of baguette-cut diamonds you should know:

  • They can be long-rectangular stones or square and tapered.
  • Classified under diamond cuts, called step cuts.
  • They have 14 facets.
  • Lack internal brilliance.
  • Produce excellent illumination when kept clean.
  • Series baguettes produce brilliant light, since light bounces off from every baguette.

Finding The Perfect Baguette Diamond

Here are essential things to always keep in mind when choosing a baguette diamond jewelry at your next store:

Color Match

To find a perfect color, your jeweler should display a layout of all diamonds to ensure you select a color that matches your baguette. Different facets make it challenging to match your main stone with baguette stones.


Baguette diamonds are more sensitive to clarity than other stones. Their step-cuts make imperfections more visible even with naked eyes. Therefore, you should choose grade one or two as the standard to ensure no visible flaws.


The baguette diamond shapes increase the risk of getting damaged or chipping. You should always select a setting that holds the stone securely, preventing damage and loss of the stone. 

Baguette diamonds' beauty and versatility cannot be forgotten. Getting channel sets, gorgeous vintage settings, or eternity bands baguette diamonds gives your jewelry a unique and beautiful look.

Your Next Baguette Diamond Jewelry Store

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