What Color Diamond Is The Most Expensive?

When purchasing diamonds, the first thing you might consider is the sparkle factor. However, did you know that different colors of diamonds can actually have different price tags? Generally, the rarer the color, the more expensive the diamond. And as the demand for colored diamonds increases, their prices continue to soar. So, which color diamond is the most expensive?

The most expensive color diamonds are those with the highest levels of saturation and hue. The following colors are typically the most valuable:

Red Diamonds: Most Expensive

The most expensive diamonds are red. In fact, a 5-carat red diamond can cost up to $1 million per carat! That means a single red diamond could be worth as much as $5 million. These diamonds are so rare and expensive because they're caused by a deformity in the crystal structure of the diamond that's known as "plastic deformation." This deformation is incredibly rare, making red diamonds some of the most sought-after gems in the world.

They are so rare that only a handful of natural red diamonds have been found and documented. The most famous red diamond is the Moussaieff Red, which weighs 5.11 carats and is currently valued at over $40 million.

Why Does Color Significantly Affect Diamond Prices?

According to the Fancy Color Research Foundation, less than 0.1% of all diamonds mined are natural fancy colors. The majority of these fancy colored diamonds are yellow or brown, with more rare colors like pink, blue, and red making up a small fraction of the total. So, when it comes to colored diamonds, supply is very limited while demand is relatively high. This combination is what drives up prices for these rare gems.

In addition, the price of a colored diamond is also affected by its level of saturation and hue. The more saturated and intense the color, the more expensive the diamond. For example, a red diamond with a strong hue will be more expensive than a red diamond with a muted hue. The same goes for diamonds of other colors.

Where Can You Buy Colored Diamonds?

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