Can Diamonds Break?

It's natural to believe that diamonds are indestructible; after all, they are the Mohs scale's hardest material known to man. Regrettably, diamonds are not without flaws. Thus, diamonds may fracture. This implies that although the bad news is that diamonds are impenetrable to shattering, the good news is that it occurs seldom.

How Is A Diamond Broken?

Taking proper care of your diamond is one way to keep it in pristine condition. However, accidents sometimes happen, and you may unintentionally drop your jewelry on the floor or strike it with a sharp object. When this occurs, you may get concerned, wondering whether you have shattered your priceless pricey jewel.

However, you need not be concerned since it is nearly certain that dropping or striking a diamond against a hard surface would shatter it. On most occasions, a diamond will chip, which will only occur if the strike or fall is really powerful. Otherwise, you may have to smash a diamond hard with a hammer or take it to a jeweler cutter to shatter it.

What Is The Strength Of Diamonds?

A diamond's fracture toughness is relatively high, often 2.0 MPa-m1/2, which is fairly excellent compared to other jewels. However, diamond is a somewhat inefficient material when compared to other engineering materials. Diamond lacks great tensile strength, which is why it breaks when struck with a hammer.

How To Prevent Diamond Damage

If you've already begun to fret about your diamond, be assured that there is little need for concern. Your diamond may last a lifetime or it may not, depending on how well you care for it. It would be ideal if you avoided doing any acts that may cause irreversible damage to your jewelry. You do not need to remove your diamond ring at all times, but you should always use caution while handling it.

What to Do If Your Diamond Is Broken?

If you crack, fracture, damage your diamond, or even accidentally strike it with a hard object, you should immediately contact your jeweler. You'll get the finest advice and a variety of possible alternatives for repairing your gem.

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